Treatments Available:

  • GERnetic Signature Facials
  • Skin Care Maintenance Advice
  • Healing Laser Therapy
  • IPL & RF treatments for freckles, pigmentation, capillaries, hair removal, wrinkle reduction
  • Hygienic & Disposable Hair Removal
  • Waxing & Electrolysis
  • Diathermy – Red Vein Removal
  • Skin Tag Removal
  • Milia Removal
  • Blackhead Extractions
  • Tinting Eyelashes ( lasts 6-8 weeks )
  • Eyebrow tinting ( lasts approx. 4 weeks )
  • Relaxation Body Massage ( Females only )
  • Ear Piercing


Electrolysis is a progressively permanent form of hair removal. Each and every individual person has a sterile and disposable probe that is only used once and disposed of. The minimum session for electrolysis is 10 minutes.

10 mins             $ 35

15 mins             $ 45

20 mins             $ 55

30 mins             $ 65

45 mins             $ 80


Disposable gloves and cleansing agents are used in this procedure so risk of contamination is very low.



Intensive Skin Treatments
Gernetic Facial skin treatments – Begin at $110 – please contact us for treatment prices.
This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, 3 masks, extractions if needed, soothing massage and protective day creams.  As our Signature treatment is very thorough and extensive, will need to allow at least 75 minutes for this treatment.

As we cater your facial to suit your specific needs an ampoule or specialized mask may need to be added to your treatment to get best results.
Gernetic Skin Treatments are designed to restructure, restore, regenerate and nourish the skin.
The Gernetic Facial is especially beneficial for skin disorders, rashes, redness, pigmentation, acne scarring, wrinkles and promotes corrective healing treatment for blackheads, sensitivity, premature ageing and sagging.



For those who don’t have time for a full facial the mini facial takes approx 30-40 minutes and includes cleansing, exfoliation, mask and day cream

$ 65



facial-2A 90 minute skin treatment that lifts and firms weakened muscle tissue or wrinkles, instantly and painlessly.
This wonderful intensive lifting treatment will last for 2 weeks without a correct homecare program.
If you decide to continue on the Gernetic Skin Program, you results will last forever and continue to keep improving.
Gernetic Homeopathic holistic products are based on biotechnical ingredients that are extremely active once they touch your skin.
Made from amino acids, minerals, proteins, vitamins and trace elements, they really are effective.
Try them for yourself.  $ 150



Low Intensity Laser Therapy accelerates the healing ability in your skin allowing a much faster recovery time.
The Laser DOES NOT BURN the skin at all and is safe enough to use on babies, but works quite efficiently on wrinkles as well.
This type of Laser is a Class 3B
Painless & will never burn the skin

Skin conditions able to be treated are Acne, Acne Scars, Stretch marks, Cellulite, Bruising, Eczema, Burns, Wrinkles, New & Old Scars, Dermatitis, Painful Muscles, Post Operative Scar Tissue, Skin Cancer Removal Scars.

Laser Consultation appointment is required before any treatment takes place. Cost is $ 40, allow 30 minutes

10 minutes Laser Therapy      $ 59

15 minutes                                    $ 69

20 minutes                                   $ 75

30 minutes                                   $ 89

45 minutes                                    $ 98

1 hour Laser Therapy               $ 110



Diathermy is the process of red vein removal, milia removal and skin tag elimination and is performed at short intervals.
It consists of the controlled cauterisation of the exposed capillary and in minimal cases may take 3 – 7 days to properly heal.
Most people find that a day later their skin is completely fine.   Prices start at $ 60 for 10 minutes

You may find IPL is a quicker and less invasive & less painful method of capillary reduction.  Speak to Janice for more info.




A relaxing body Massage is performed using only the finest quality almond oil with a certain amount of essential aromatherapy oils. The massage is enjoyed in a climate controlled room with relaxing music, dimmed lighting for a full 45 minutes.  $ 70



Eyelash Tint           $ 28
Eyebrows                 $ 20

Combined treatment, Eyelash & Eyebrows Tinted   $44.

Colors available are brown, black, blue-black, light brown or a combination.
Eyelash Tints generally last for 8 weeks
Eyebrow Tints can last for  4 weeks



Bridal, Debutante, Hens nights, Engagements, Special Occasions & Pre Family Portrait Photography.   Makeup is guaranteed to last 24 hrs or longer!!